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GroupMath 1.1.2 [6 May 2021; Current version] Fixes a problem which appears when using GroupMath in Mathematica 12.2 (Symbol a appears in multiple contexts). I thank Michael Ratz for pointing this out.
GroupMath 1.1.1 [4 November 2020] Fixes the documentation files (gets rid of a distracting pop-up error message which may show up in version 1.1 whenever a help page is opened).
GroupMath 1.1 [29 October 2020] A significant rewrite of the code (the symmetry breaking part in particular) was caried out. The function MaximalSubgroups now correctly identifies $SU(4) \times SU(4)$ as a maximal subgroup of $SU(16)$.

Some functions were renamed:

  • SubgroupEmbeddingCoefficients -> SubgroupCoefficients
  • FindAllEmbeddings -> Embeddings
  • PermutationSymmetryOfTensorParts -> PermutationSymmetry
  • DrawYoungDiagram -> YoungDiagram
  • CalculateSnBranchingRules -> SnBranchingRules

This version of the program is described in the paper GroupMath: A Mathematica package for group theory calculations, arXiv:2011.01764 [hep-th].

GroupMath 1.0 [20 March 2020] Several improvements were made.
  • The program now comes with a detailed built-in documentation.
  • Several functions were added to the package, for example FindAllEmbeddings and MaximalSubgroups (please see the documentation for details).
  • Improvements were made to some of the functions which already existed in earlier versions of GroupMath.
  • It is now possible to use a simplified input format for representations of Lie groups (in many cases Dynkin coefficients are now unnecessary). For the representations with names $\boldsymbol{R}$ and $\overline{\boldsymbol{R}}$ (with no primes) it suffices to write R and -R, respectively. For example, previously the decomposition of $\boldsymbol{3}\times\boldsymbol{3}\times\overline{\boldsymbol{3}}$ in $SU(3)$ was calculated by writing ReduceRepProduct[SU3, {{1,0}, {1,0}, {0,1}}], but now it is also possible to do so with the code ReduceRepProduct[SU3, {3, 3, -3}].
GroupMath 0.11 [17 January 2019] Fixed a problem with folder paths which occurred while trying to load GroupMath on Linux (I thank Jorge Terol Calvo and Ricardo Cepedello for pointing this out).
GroupMath 0.10 [28 August 2019] Fixed a problem in the Invariants function (I thank Andreas Trautner for pointing this out).
GroupMath 0.9 [30 July 2019]

Renato Fonseca


Last updated
13 December 2021