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The Mandelbrot set

The Mandelbrot set is a famous mathematical object which gives nice pictures and is very easy to code. This page contains a small Javascript program which I created just for fun, and there is also a laid-back discussion of some basic features of this curious object (note: if you can, use Google Chrome to view this page, because it runs Javascript faster).

Observing Pluto from home

Is the dwarf planet Pluto observable from an apartment in a big city like Prague? [Spoiler: yes.]

Observing an exoplanet from home

Only recently, in the last 30 years, has there been conclusive evidence of the existence of planets outside our Solar System (often called exoplanets). The most straightforward method for detecting them is to observe a periodic dimming of the host star as the planet orbits in front of it.

Is it possible to spot an exoplanet from home, with a telescope and a camera? I took hundreds of photos of a star to extract it's brightness change over time and find out if any dimming can be seen.

Renato Fonseca


Last updated
13 December 2021