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Susyno 3.7 [28 August 2019; Current version] Fixed a problem in the Invariants function (I thank Andreas Trautner for pointing this out).
Susyno 3.6 [10 June 2019] Fixed a problem with the function SubgroupEmbeddingCoefficients, which failed to work in Mathematica 11.3 and later. I am grateful to Davide Meloni, Giulio Salvoni and Julian Heeck for pointing this out.
The function IrrepInProduct applied to rep1, rep2 and rep3 was providing a combination of the components of rep1 and rep2 transforming as rep3* (rather than rep3). This has now been fixed. I would like to thank Davide Meloni and Giulio Salvoni for reporting this problem.
Susyno 3.5 [26 November 2016] This version fixes some bugs (in the functions DecomposeRep and TriangularAnomalyCheck) and adds some functionalities to the program. Some of these code changes are related to a separate package Sym2Int , which makes extensive use of Susyno's functions.
Susyno 3.4 [13 July 2015] The following changes were made:
  • Correction of a bug which is present in the code since version 2.0 and affects the computation of the RGEs of models which have more than one field with the same quantum numbers and discrete symmetry charges (for example the R-parity violating MSSM). I am indebted to Sho Iwamoto for pointing this out.
  • An UseName option was added to the function ReduceRepProduct.
  • The output of PermutationSymmetryOfTensorProductParts was slightly simplified for those cases when the group is simple.
Susyno 3.3 [23 June 2015] Small changes, and speed improvements over the previous version.
Susyno 3.2 [18 December 2014] This version fixes a bug in the DecomposeRep function which would sometimes cause an error message in version 3.1 of the program. Also, small changes were made to the documentation.
Susyno 3.1 [8 December 2014] Version 3.1 of Susyno fixes some bugs and has some performance/speed enhancements.
Susyno 3.0 [22 July 2014] Version 3.0 of Susyno mainly extends the program's group theory code:
  • There are now the functions DecomposeReps, RegularSubgroup ProjectionMatrix, and SubgroupEmbbedingCoefficients which can be used to break down representations of a group into those of a subgroup, as well as to find relations between the subgroup invariants (i.e., Clebsch-Gordon coefficients) in a theory which is symmetric under the full group. Please read the internal documentation for details and examples.
  • A function RepName has been added to convert the Dynkin coefficients of a representation into a string with its name.
  • The symmetrization/anti-symmetrization of the output of the Invariants function (for the case when there are repeated representations being multiplied) has now been dealt with in full generality. For the interested reader, the program's built-in documentation of this function has been updated to include the details of this symmetrization/anti-symmetrization.
  • A few bugs have been patched.
Susyno 2.1 Version 2.0 of Susyno did not work on Mathematica 9, and the normalization of Clebsch�Gordan coefficients being used did not match in some cases the one stated in the documentation (although the program's results — the Lagrangian and RGEs — were fully consistent). These issues have been solved in the current version. In addition, the user interface was changed in such a way as to make the results easier to read.
Susyno 2.0 [7 August 2013] In order to make the computation of the RGEs faster, a major rewrite of the code was performed. Also, the set of available group theoretical functions was extended (in some cases, the syntax of old functions has changed). For example, now it is possible to compute
  • the invariant combinations of a product of an arbitrary number of Lie group representations (previously, the maximum of representations allowed was 3);
  • gauge anomalies;
  • quantities related to the $S_n$ permutation group.
Some of the output of the program was simplified as well. For more details, check the updated built-in documentation.
Susyno 1.2 [20 April 2013] The following corrections were made:
  • The program was made compatible with Mathematica 9 by adding a line to the file LieGroups.m;
  • An additional line of the file LieGroups.m (called by the Invariants function) was corrected;
  • The RGEs of soft scalar masses had a problem which could yield incorrect results for some models.
Susyno 1.1 [6 June 2012] This version mainly updates the syntax of some functions.
Susyno 1.0 [8 February 2011]

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