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Sym2Int 2.2 [07 July 2022; Current version] It is now possible to use two flags, $Sym2IntUseEOM and $Sym2IntUseIBP, to control the usage of EOM and IBP redundancies. By default these flags are set to True, which means that both types of redundancies are considered. Furthermore, a function PickParticularOperators was introduced to easily pick certain operators from the output of Sym2Int.

Examples on how to use $Sym2IntUseEOM, $Sym2IntUseIBP and PickParticularOperators are provided with the new version of the program.

Sym2Int 2.1 [08 April 2020] The previous version of the program (v2.0) does not work with the latest version of GroupMath (v1.0). Please use instead Sym2Int 2.1 + GroupMath 1.0 (or alternatively Sym2Int 2.0 + GroupMath 0.11).
Sym2Int 2.0 [30 July 2019] Operators with derivatives and field strength tensors are now also listed. From this version onwards, rather than Susyno, the users must also have the package GroupMath installed.
Sym2Int 1.0 [26 November 2016]

Renato Fonseca


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13 December 2021